Describe how you’ve used Pixelstix.
For me, I’ve begun integrating it into my artwork. I do fluid art which is composed of two parts, the making process which many enjoy watching filmed versions of this, and the final resulting piece which is the dry version of what is made. In many ways both are works of art that can be appreciated and I use Pixelstix to combine the two.

If Pixelstix solved a problem for you, can you explain?
Pixelstix allowed for the process video of my pieces to be integrated into the physical piece itself rather than having the two exist in seperate places.

How was your experience with the technology behind Pixelstix?
Pixelstix has been very user friendly and required zero tutorial or guidance to get started using them.

How was your experience with the people behind Pixelstix?
Matthew has been great every step of the way, not only on a business level but on a personal level too, I really vibe with his energy and love how he’s focused on creating a product that is going to enhance the daily lives of everyday people, not just Artists and their craft.

PoarMoar creates psychedelic fluid art by pouring, spinning, blowing and dripping paint in every way imaginable. Every painting has an associated, mesmerizing video of the process and creation of the piece. With Pixelstix integrated into the works of art, customers can easily watch and share the beautiful origins of their painting with guests.