Describe how you’ve used Pixelstix.
I have used Pixelstix in a few different ways.  I have attached my website to my street art, I have attached videos of me painting a mural to the actual mural, I have sent mail art with a video of me painting attached to it.  I have made stuffed creatures containing a Pixelstix for people to attach their own video to the creature. And I also attached a music video to a painting I did of the performer.

If Pixelstix solved a problem for you, can you explain?
The biggest problem that Pixelstix solved for me is to map out my art so that my fans/customers can find my art.  People seem to love using the P map to find my work and photograph themselves with it. I tell my fan base to use Pixelstix to find my street art.

How was your experience with the technology behind Pixelstix?
The technology is really easy to use.  Like any good app, it’s pretty much self explanatory once you understand the concept.

How was your experience with the people behind Pixelstix?
Pixelstix has great people working behind it.  They are open to questions and have helped with any problem or to explain how the app works.